Office of Student's Affair

What is Student Affairs?


The office of the student affairs is a supportive environment created for the students of the UPH Faculty of Medicine in which the students flourish and become Medical professionals who are caring, compassionate and responsible world citizens. We assist, advice, advocate and support medical students to foster academic success, personal and spiritual development and to develop an attitude of social justice for humanity in a diverse, dynamic and global society.


What do we do?


  • We provide academic, personal, spiritual support and counseling in a confidential manner
  • We provide support and guidance for student related activities
  • Foster leadership skills through the Student Senate activities.
  • We assist students in difficulty by providing learning assistance, peer support programs to address learning issues in a proactive way
  • We collaborate effectively with the Curriculum Committee, the Executive Dean, Medical Education unit to develop strategies to support students in the Remediation program
  • We meet with the parents and students to offer support and guidance
  • Assign students to student advisors who monitor the academic progress through out the duration of the medical program
  • Provide guidance and support to the students in clerkship and internship.
  • We coordinate important events such as orientation programs, summer placements, research information programs and student graduation ceremonies.
  • We coordinate the admission process and selection criteria in partnership with the UPH university
  • We coordinate the scholarship selection with the Siloam group of hospitals in conjunction with the UPH admission’s

What is the Student Affairs committee?


 This Committee provides a forum for staff to discuss student related issues and concerns and provide assistance in a number of important areas such as:

  • Coordination and development of the admissions process and recommend improvements
  • Learning assistance programs
  •  Peer support programs for students at risk of failing
  • Remediation programs
  • Student summer placement programs
  • Academic advisory programs
  • Coordinate and support student led activities


Organizational structure


office of student affair