Curriculum Overview

Academic Program


Competency-based Curriculum

The Indonesian Medical Council has published Competencies Standard of Medical Doctor with seven areas of Competence as follows:

1. Effective communication
2. Clinical skills
3. Scientific basis of medical knowledge
4. Management of health problems
5. Management of information
6. Self awareness and self development
7.Ethics, morals, medico-legal aspects and professionalism, and patient safety



The Medical Doctor Study Program offers a five year undergraduate program


I. Bachelor of Medicine Program : Graduated as Sarjana Kedokteran

    Semesters I – VII distributed in Block system

II. Medical Doctor Professional Program : Graduated as Dokter Umum

    Semester VIII – X Clinical Clerkship at teaching hospitals

Distribution of The Blocks Courses


Semester Blocks Courses Chair
1 Critical Thinking and Bioethics Rhendy Wijayanto, dr., MMedEd
1 Fundamental Medical Science I Dr.rer.nat. Ivet Suriapranata
2 Fundamental Medical Science II dr. Bernard S.M. Hutabarat, PAK
2 Fundamental Medical Science III dr. Ratna Sari Wijaya, M.Biomed
2 Fundamental Medical Science IV Cucunawangsih dr., SpMK
3 Muskuloskeletal system John Butarbutar dr., SpOT
3 Cardiovascular system dr. Evi Lie, Master in Clinical Cardiology
3 Respiratory system Allen Widysanto, dr., SpP
4 Gastrointestinal system Benyamin Lukito dr., SpPD
4 Kidney and Body Fluids Edwin L Tobing, dr..,  SpU
4 Endocrine and Metabolism dr. Indra Wijaya, SpPD, M.Kes
5 Neurobehavior system Vivien Puspitasari dr., SpS
5 Reproduction and Growth Development Dr. dr. Imam Rasjidi, SpOG (K) Onk
6 Hematology and Oncology Julius July dr., SpBS
6 Tropical Medicine dr. Nata Pratama Hardjo Lugito, SpPD
6 Skin and Special Senses Hannah Kiati dr., SpKK

Distribution of the Longitudinal Courses


Semester Longitudinal Courses Chair
2,3,4,5,6,7 Clinical Exposure Shirley Moningkey dr., MKes
2,3,4,5,6,7 Clinical Skill Erwin Mulyawan, dr.,SpAn
4,5,6,7 Doctor Professional Ethics and Society Leonardi Gunawan dr., SpKJ
1 Leadership Dr. Fransisco Budi hardiman
1 Character Development Andri Panjaitan, MT
1 Religion Hidalgo Ban Garcia, PhD
2 English for Reading Skill UPH
7 Bahasa Indonesia Helena Rebecca Wulanari
3 iBT Preparation UPH

Clinical clerkship program (semester VIII, IX, X)


1 Surgery 5 10
2 Internal medicine 5 10
3 Paediatric 5 10
4 Obstetric and Gynaecology 5 10
5 Psychiatry 2 4
6 Neurology 2 4
7 Ophthalmology 2 4
8 Medical forensic 2 4
9 Dermatovenereology 2 4
10 Otolaryngology 2 4
11 Radiology 2 4
12 Public Health (Family Medicine) 4 8
13 Anesthesiology 2 4
    40 credits 80 weeks