RSU Siloam Lippo Village
Rumah Sakit Umum Siloam Lippo Village (Lippo Village Siloam General Hospital)
Established in March 2012, Siloam General Hospital (SGH) is the teaching hospital of UPH Faculty Medicine. Here we provide comprehensive clinical skill training for our students, ranging from medical, pediatrics, surgery, OBGYN, ENT, ophthalmology and also auxillary medical services such as radiology and medical rehabilitation. We have an excellent team of clinician teacher, ready to impart their clinical knowledge to prepare future generation of excellent medical doctors.
We provide excellent medical services to the poor with financing supported by the Indonesia Government to the Universal National Health Coverage Sistem (Sistem Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional). Our services include outpatient and inpatient department, emergency unit, laboratory, pharmacy and radiology, giving excellent comprehensive medical services to our patient. As a teaching hospital we also provide to our patient with up to date medical and surgical care, as a part of continuing medical education to our staff and students.
For further information of our services, please download this PDF document.   
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