Student Activities


Inter-house competitions

The UPH, Faculty of Medicine students developed the concept of  “Houses” for the student body with the aim of foster a positive development of students academically, socially, spiritually and as individuals. It also provides a foundation to develop leadership, team building and a sense of belonging. This is a new program initiated by the senate of  the year 2008 with the  vision of leaving  a legacy for the younger generation of Medical students. So they will carry the torch of teamwork, leadership, fellowship and a competitive spirit.



The students of the Faculty were randomly selected into four groups/ houses. The house names were selected by senate and mandated to remain. Each house will be lead by a house captain and be supervised by a suitably selected Faculty member. The competitions cover academic, social and sporting events. The houses are Hermes (Green), Claudius (Yellow), Asclepius ( Blue) and Xavier ( Red) all representing healing and restoration of life in the medical world.

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Student Volunteering activities

Volunteerism are activities motivated by an individual free-will, not motivated by financial reward, focused on common good for the society. These are activities that require active participation and contribution of time, energy and talents to bring change ( UN, International day for volunteers, 2001). All students at the Faculty of medicine volunteer their time and effort to work in several communities during their academic years and also during their holidays.


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Student exchange programs

Student organizations such has Asian Medical Students Association (AMSA) affiliated to the international AMSA, hosted medical student exchange from Philippines and Taiwan. Students from Sweden, UK and Italy were also welcomed for their electives in Neurosurgery at Siloam Hospitals, Lippo Village. UPH, faculty of Medicine students also attended student exchange programs in Philippines, Sweden, Mexico and other European countries during their summer holidays.



Medical Student Summer Enrichment Program ( Summer program)



The summer program is a 4-6 week program offered to medical students who are motivated to acquire knowledge, skills and experiences working on academic programs, social programs both in Indonesia and abroad.  It is a form of electives offered during holidays, since such practices are not common part of the curriculum in Indonesia.




Students are placed in research facilities, non-government organizations, and primary care facilities. The students also have internal programs like Anatomy dissection classes, basic life support training. Students have attended programs with HOPE international working with US sponsored mercy ships at Malaku and Dili serving communities and providing health services alongside doctors from different nations.




Students also spend time at Yayasan Pelita  Ilmu ( HIV clinics), Christian mission hospitals at Serukum and Temangung and the Christian Medical College, Vellore, India. Students also attended WHO project work at Banten region, World vision, Indonesia at Papua clinics.  Students also attended Siloam hospital working on loyalty programs, competitor update and analysis, patient experience and social media programs.



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Faith Activities


Faith activities are available for all religions every Friday between 11;50-1:30 pm. Christian student fellowship meetings  and cell groups through “ Tender loving Community” meets every Friday 12.00- 1:30 pm  at the faculty of medicine, and  is an inter-denominational services for Christian students.



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Student Organization




The faculty of medicine also provide various organizational platform for our students to further develop their ability and aptitude in teambuilding and social skills.



The organization range from basic student activities such as the senate up to research and writing like the Medical SECRET club. Below is the partial list of our student organization:



  • Student Senate
  • Asian Student Medical Association (AMSA)
  • Center for Medical Student Activities (CIMSA)
  • Tim Bantuan Medis (TBM) CHRESTOTES




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