Faculty of Medicine Facilities
Siloam General Hospital as the Teaching Hospital of UPH Faculty of Medicine will provide an integrated learning environment for our future medical doctors.
Exposure to the advanced laboratory equipment and procedures, such as PCR, SNP, animal lab and pathology, will enhanced the perspective of medical students.
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Stepladder-structured room where lectures give plenary to summarize and confirm topics that have been discussed during PBL sessions.
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As a part of the integration in PBL, the classrooms function as a perfect place where lecturers give lectures. Supported by excellent sound system and visual media, to ensure a perfect teaching-learning process.
Tutorial room
Faculty of Medicine provides several rooms to accommodate students' PBL. Here, students are facilitated to have a good interactive discussion.
   pbl room
A complete collection of books and journals from a wide range of disciplines ensures students to have adequate sources of references. Our library supports e-learning process by providing e-books and e-journals through Johanes Oentoro Library.
Skills lab
Students are exposed promptly to clinical setting through skill lab. Using manikins and under staff supervision, comprehensively-elaborated clinical skills are conducted throughout study period.
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Further studies on several disciplines are conducted through laboratory practice. Completing the PBL, laboratory studies are perfect way for student to observe materials that they have scrutinized in discussion.
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Computer Lab
To ensure the technology adaptation of our students, we provide an integrated computer lab to enhance their studying environment. We also provide a coverage of wifi network, to support our student with a global reach education.
computer lab
Neat and elegant impression appears at the first step entering Faculty of Medicine. A friendly and comfortable lounge enhances a good learning environment.